Two human rights organizations have accused Iran of executing prisoners with “obsession”, despite a rise in public anger against the death penalty in general.

Iran executed 267 prisoners at least last year, the two organizations said in a report.

The executed prisoners included nine women, the two organizations added.

They noted that four of the executed prisoners were indicted in crimes they committee when they were minors.

Iran continues to carry out the largest death sentences – among other countries – as a percentage of its population, the head of one of the two organizations said.

He added that the obsession of Iranian authorities with executing people moved ahead, even amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

He considered growing executions as an indication of the failure of Iranian authorities to treat the popular protests that erupted in Iran a few months ago in other ways.

Several protesters were executed against the background of the protests which erupted because of a sudden rise in the price of fuel.

Over 304 Iranians were killed in the protests, according to Amnesty International.

However, the Iranian government said the number of people killed during the protests did not exceed 230.

A human rights advocate lashed out at Iranian authorities for executing prisoners. He said prison authorities usually force prisoners into confessions.

Most of the executions happen based on these confessions, the advocate said.

Source » theportal-center