News about the Iranian regime’s decision to dismiss two Iranian citizens from their occupations has become one of the major topics and discussions among Iran’s internet users in recent weeks.

Surprisingly both are women, highlighting the regime’s ongoing misogynistic practices. This follows the prior inhuman actions against a group of women outside Mashhad’s stadium, which made the headlines in the past week.

Maryam Karim Beigi, a graduate student in sociology, was informed via a phone call that she had been expelled from the university she was attending. She has not been informed of the reason for her expulsion, as in many previous cases.

Prior to this latest decision, she has been threatened with expulsion from the university on several occasions. Ms. Karim Beigi is the sister of Mostafa Karim Beigi, one of the victims of Iran’s nationwide 2009 protests. There is a strong belief that the regime’s ministry of intelligence was behind her expulsion.

Mrs. Atena Daemi, a civil activist and former political prisoner who was recently released from prison, wrote on Twitter that Ms. Karim Beigi had been expelled from the university because of a recent case against her by the Ministry of Intelligence.

In early March, the agents of the intelligence ministry raided the home of Ms. Shahnaz Akmali, Karim Beigi’s mother, confiscated her and her daughter’s belongings, and warned Maryam Karim Beigi that she must report to the Evin court by March 29. The expulsion from the university could now be a prelude to Ms. Karim Beigi’s arrest and imprisonment.

Ms. Mahsa Kamali, who was summoned to the Futsal Disciplinary Committee due to her opposition to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, has announced that her name has been removed from the list of the women’s national futsal team.

In a statement to the state-run IRNA news agency, Mahsa Kamali, said, “I did not expect this to happen, and it had a bad effect on me, as my games in the Premier League were affected by this issue.”

She said that after she was not invited to two or three camps of the women’s national futsal team, she inquired about the reason and was told that they were looking for younger candidates, but the reality is otherwise.

Ms. Kamali, a player of the Rafsanjan Copper Futsal Team, displayed the English phrase ‘Stop the War’ on her shirt after scoring against the Abadan Oil Refining Team in the number one hall of the 17 Shahrivar Sports Complex in Abadan last month.

Her action was welcomed by social media users and many Iranians who praised her bravery. Later, she was summoned to the ‘disciplinary committee’ in a statement by her club.

The statement described Mahsa Kamali’s behavior as ‘a completely personal and emotional action’ that ‘has nothing to do with the general policies of Rafsanjan Copper Club’.

Mahsa Kamali, 27, born in Zanjan, was a member of Iran’s Women Futsal National Team when it won the 2018 Asian Women’s Futsal Championship.

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