The secretary-general of the Arab League has expressed his deep concerns over Iran’s decision to increase its enrichment of uranium to 60 percent, nudging it ever closer to bomb-grade purity.

Ahmed Aboul Gheit has described Tehran’s move as a dangerous development and a clear step toward developing a nuclear weapon, an official source at the General Secretariat of the Arab League said.

Further enriching uranium from 20 percent purity by using advanced centrifuges, added more doubts about the real goals of the Iranian nuclear program, as such high levels of enrichment were unnecessary for peaceful uses of nuclear energy, the source added.

Iran’s decision is the latest violation of its obligations under the collapsed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a nuclear deal that leading world powers are currently working to revive.

The league wants any renegotiated agreement to also address the concerns of Arab countries regarding Iran’s destabilizing policies in the region and its ongoing interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries.

Source » arabnews