Iran’s regime has carried out a horrifying wave of executions in recent days, including the brutal killing of a young woman who was just 16 years old at the time of her arrest. These heinous acts demand immediate global condemnation and action to halt the unjust executions.
Executions of Minors and Innocents

On April 11th, the regime’s henchmen executed 19-year-old Marjan Hajizadeh and her husband Esmail Hassaniani in Zanjan Central Prison. Marjan was only 16 when initially arrested, making her execution a grave violation of international laws prohibiting the death penalty for minors. Their executions cruelly coincided with Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

In a separate tragic incident on April 13th, 20-year-old Mehrdad Abdollahzadeh from Sardasht was killed by regime officials while working as a kolbari (cross-border porter) near the Beitush border heights. He fell to his death after being shot at by the criminal authorities.
Recent Wave of Executions

Over the past two weeks, the Iranian regime has executed at least six other prisoners across various prisons:

April 14: Arsalan Hashemi in Hamedan Central Prison
April 13: Abuzar Salem in Isfahan Central Prison
April 7: Alireza Marzban in Shiraz Central Prison
April 5: Hassan Ali Mirza Nia in Khorramabad Central Prison
March 25: Abbas Aghaei in Tabriz Central Prison

Additionally, five prisoners in Qezelhessar Prison in Karaj were recently transferred to solitary confinement, likely facing imminent execution.
Global Action Needed

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns these brutal executions and calls on the United Nations, relevant human rights organizations, the European Union, and member countries to take immediate action. Concrete steps must be taken to save the lives of prisoners on death row and establish an international investigation into the dire human rights situation in Iranian prisons.

The world cannot stand idly by as the Iranian regime perpetrates such egregious violations of human rights and human dignity. Global pressure and accountability measures are urgently needed to halt these disturbing atrocities.

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