The mullahs ‘anti-human regime on April 12 hanged 27-year-old Rahman Hosseinpour while suffering from mental illness in Tabriz prison. He was taking daily 30 tranquilizer pills and was imprisoned in the psychotherapy ward. On April 4 another ill prisoner detained in Tabriz prison was executed after four years in prison. On April 11 in the same prison two ill brothers were attacked after going to the prison clinic and were later transferred to solitary confinement.

Execution of sick prisoners or their mistreatment is in violation of several international treaties to which Iran is a signatory member.

These crimes are a portion of the deteriorating situation of Tabriz prison and a growing pressure on prison inmates. 7,000 prisoners piled up in the prison, because of the lack of the most basic medical facilities, do not get medical visits even once a year. It has been more than two months that with the excuse of repairing the kitchen, prisoners get only rice and soup. Given that many prisoners ca not afford to buy food, they are suffering from malnutrition. There are not enough blankets or beds in terms of the number of prisoners there and half of the prisoners have to rest on bare ground without minimum facilities. Any objection by the prisoners is answered by repression and beating.

Gohardasht prison inmates also suffer poor food quality, lack of medical facilities and lack of heating system. Prisoners have to pay for all the facilities, from the cost of treatment to the food and residency at their own expense. Inmates of Section 10 of this prison do not have access to hot water for more than a year due to the breakdown of the heating system.

Source: / ncr-iran /