In a shocking case of the “honour” killing, an Iranian man and his son brutally tortured and hung to death a 34-year-old Iranian woman named Maryam after photos of her alleged affair went viral in the Qatur District of Khoy. Maryam was coerced to get married as a minor aged 13. She was at her husband’s home when the claims about her alleged affair circulated. The woman was escorted by her father and brother back to her childhood home where her hair was shaven and she was mercilessly killed in front of her husband and children, Iran International reported.

Iranian women killed for bringing ‘disgrace to the family’

Cases of honour killing, and femicides in Iran are not uncommon as the Islamic Republic’s Penal Code stipulates that fathers and other male figures including the paternal grandfathers of a woman cannot be sentenced by law for killing their child or grandchild. Just days ago, a mother of a 5-year-old child named Marefat Karimi was murdered in cold blood by her husband. The resident of Urmia, who lost her brother in a car accident, discovered that her husband had intentions of marrying his deceased brother’s wife. When she lodged protest, the woman was murdered by the husband. Another Iranian woman Razwah Nadimi, a mother of two was also killed in January in what was later reported as the incident of honour killing. Nadimi was the resident of Kamyaran, in Kurdistan Province, and was killed by her ex-husband with a handgun.

An Iranian girl was similarly killed for laughing with a boy at a park. Sixteen-year-old Ariana Lashkari was shot in the chest by her father with a hunting rifle in Nourabad-e Mamasani, a small town in Fars Province. The girl was subjected to mercy killing for arguing with her father Mohammad-Kazem Lashkari, who was offended with his daughter’s behaviour. Lashkari slammed his daughter for being a “disgrace to the family,” and shot her dead.

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