Previously Iran’s state media have written about the “crisis of distrust” of the Iranian people toward the government, but now one of these outlets, the Ars Iran website, is speaking about a new phenomenon which it calls, “becoming senseless” and followed by “hopelessness.”

Explaining this naming, this website wrote: “A person whose house is next to the railway line is shocked by the sound of the train passing early, in his/her days of housing, but after a while, he does not even realize when the train comes and goes.

“Iranian society in facing the phenomenon of politics and social fate is becoming ‘senseless.’ This society is not only indifferent to important political events, but it basically does not see them and does not care about them. The coming and going of politicians, what law are passed by the parliament, what new and large volume of embezzlement are discovered, what officials are up to, etc. It has become like the coming and going of a train coming next to the residents’ house beside a railway.” (Asr-e-Iran, April 15, 2021)

Trying to analyze the reason for the people’s neglect, this outlet did not try to dig in too deep to find out the reason. Instead its reasoning is the factional disputes in the government’s body and the officials’ false promises.

“Our people also tolerated so many promises and hopes, and they burst into tears and paid the price, but then they saw that they had returned to their first place, and perhaps worse, that they have become senseless to the promises and speeches and showing the gate of a paradise.

“The people of Iran have seen so many disputes of their officials and have been bothered by gossip, lies, slanders and veils, that now they do not matter at all that some media outlet from one faction has exposed the scandals of an official from the other faction, let alone pay attention to it and judge and take a stand.” (Asr-e-Iran, April 15, 2021)

But the issue goes far beyond that. These phrases are realizing that the Iranian people are done with this government which was illegitimate from the beginning of its rule 42 years ago. This gap widened even more after the November 2019 protests and the regime’s brutality and killing of 1500 defenseless people which continued with the execution of some the arrested protesters.

“The 2019 protests were not the first after the revolution but were the most important. It was important, because it was a clear sign of taking distance by the government’s most important social base, the oppressed. If in the 1999 and 2009 protests, the social base of the government among the urban middle and cultural middle classes was destroyed and in the 2017 protests the social base of the government among the traditional middle classes which means the guilds and merchants was weakened, in the November 2019 protests lower and poor classes which was the majority social base of the government was suppressed and its mental and emotional relationship with the political system collapsed.” (Mohsen Ranani, April 30, 2020)

Describing the morale of the deprived classes and the megaton pressures on them, this government expert wrote: “If grief is prolonged, it leads to sorrow, and if sorrow is prolonged, it leads to depression, and if depression is prolonged, it turns into cruel anger towards oneself or another.” (Mohsen Ranani, April 30, 2020)

But what this outlet (Asr-e-Iran) is seeing and explaining as the senselessness of Iran’s people is just the surface of the situation in Iran. The last paragraph is more realistic and explains the real situation of Iran’s society. A society that can not tolerate this regime anymore and is becoming like a volcano that is ready to explode.

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