Iranian militias are using sound bombs in areas south of Syria’s Aleppo “to terrorize citizens and force them to leave their homes,” said local sources.

They accused the militias of seizing people’s homes to use them as military headquarters or hideouts for some of their leaders.

They pointed to the recent escalation of violence by Iranian militias in the southern countryside of Aleppo, in an attempt to “expand their control by seizing more homes, lands and real estate and displacing citizens.”

The militias have seized agricultural lands, homes, warehouses and even entire villages on the pretext of “pursuing terrorists.”

According to the opposition Ain al-Furat news network, the militias launch dozens of “highly explosive” sound bombs on citizens’ homes every day.

Iranian militias have recently stepped up their strategic activities in several areas.

They are buying real estate in three main regions, namely Eastern Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus in the western countryside of Homs, the Qusayr area on the border with Lebanon and in Deir Ezzor in the Albu Kamal region on the borders with Iraq.

New reinforcements for the militias arrived from southern Hama a few days ago in the eastern and southern countryside of Aleppo.

The convoys included more than 400 Lebanese, Iraqi and foreign fighters with about 35 armored vehicles, five trucks loaded with ammunition, artillery and short-range rocket launchers.

Source » theportal-center