Iranian mullahs admits to Iran regime’s role in Syrian slaughter

On April 18th, Rouhani the president of the Mullahs’ regime admitted violating the United Nations Security Council resolutions and said: “We are declaring to the world that we will produce or procure any weapons we need and we have never been, are not and will not wait for their words, their agreements or their affirmative views.

Maj. Gen. Abdolrahim Mousavi, commander of the Khamenei’s Army, in a speech on the occasion of the army’s day confessed that, the regime’s army was enormously involved in massacre of the Syrian people, and stated: the role of the army in defending the holy shrines ( Iranian regime’s devious pretext for meddling in Syria) is an exciting narrative that would be properly recounted at the appropriate time,” it is notable that Mousavi is loyal to Khamenei and plays an active role in purging the army from dissident personnel and suppressing them.

Meanwhile, nagging over the role of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in exposing the crimes of the regime, Mousavi stated: “It is not in vain that, especially in recent months, Satan’s horns (reference to the United States) and the MEK, have intensified their attacks and deceptive psychological operations against the Army. With the help of the great Lord, the army will overcome these plots, and the MEK and the pillars of the domineering system (America) will be exposed.

Source » ncr-iran

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