The Iranian regime came under fire recently from the family of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ruhollah Khomeini.

Khomeini’s grandson, Hassan, criticized the regime, especially its repression of opponents, in almost the first criticism of the regime to come from within it.

Hassan criticized Iranian Supreme Guide, Ali Khamenei, for rejecting his request to run in the presidential elections.

He said he believed he could become the president.

“Nevertheless, this is becoming impossible,” Hassan said during a recent meeting with some opposition figures and politicians. “But this does not mean that I will not be an activist or a sympathizer.”

Call for freedom

Hassan defended the case of reformist politician, Mehdi Karroubi, who has been in home custody for more than 15 years now.

He said united together, the Iranians can end Karroubi’s home custody.

“We will be able to see him and see other detainees,” he said.

Hassan said Iranians go through tough living conditions, warning against the collapse of the middle class because of rampant poverty.

He said solving Iran’s economic problems would require political solutions as well.

Hassan said Iran needed to solve its problems with the rest of the world, provided that it protects its own national dignity.

He faulted some Iranian officials and politicians in leaking important information to the media with the aim of criticizing the government of incumbent President Hassan Rouhani.

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