Young boy on death row in Iran

Murad is waiting for a ruling that does not comply with his appearance. He is on the verge of execution. The youngster is kept in a youth detention center for the charge of raping a 10-year-old boy. The young boy has not accepted the charges and the family who have filed the complaint want to send him to the gallows to set an example for others!

Murad has a delicate physique and is an Afghan national. He seems to be 11 or 12 years old, but the medical examiner has determined that he is 15 years of age. Murad’s behavior indicates that he does not have a complete understanding of what has been attributed to him. Before being arrested for sodomy, he worked in a dairy shop for several months and according to the owner, loves to work. He was not in contact with anyone at work and was not looking for amusement or sports; he just loved to work…
Investigation into the teenager’s life indicates that he is from an immigrant family and that it was very difficult for him to acquire the trust of the store owner to work to make a living. Sarah Bagheri, a lawyer and a member of the Children’s Advocacy Association, is Murad’s lawyer. “When I talk to him, he does not accept the accusations under any circumstances and says amongst tears that he did not know the 10-year-old boy to do something like this to him,” she said. (The state-run Salamat News Website- Apr. 15, 2018)

Source » iran-hrm

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