In the meeting held on Monday at the place of TCCIMA, the two sides stressed the need for the expansion of mutual trade ties, the TCCIMA portal reported.

Speaking in the meeting, Khansari put the two countries’ annual trade value at $110 million, saying that this figure is mostly related to the imports of Iran from the European country.

Noting that the development of economic relations with Bulgaria is important for Iran, the official continued: “Cooperation in the field of industry and especially in transportation can be an incentive to develop relations between the two countries.”

According to Khansari cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries would lead to the expansion of trade ties.

He also pointed to the technical and engineering services as one of the suitable fields of cooperation saying: “Due to the connections that the Tehran Chamber of Commerce has with the engineering system of Tehran province, it can invite reputable Iranian companies in this field to participate in construction projects in Bulgaria or to transfer technical and engineering experiences to the country.”

Kuneva for her part underlined the expansion of cooperation between the two sides’ private sectors as a prerequisite for increasing and diversifying the two countries’ trade and suggested holding video conferences between the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the TCCIMA for acquaintance and exchange of views between the two sides.

She said that the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is ready to introduce Bulgarian companies that are interested in cooperating with Iranian companies during these video conferences.

Source » tehrantimes