Iran unveils devastating new missile system – Iran preparing for war

IRAN today unveiled a new and improved missile system during an annual army parade showcasing its devastating military might.

The parade, marking Iran’s Army Day, comes just hours after Israel released surveillance photos of Iranian military operating within Syria.

Iran, a sworn enemy of Israel, has helped prop up the Syrian regime and sees this as an opportunity to extend its influence across the region.

President Hassan Rouhani declared: “If there is any weapon we need, we will develop it for the most part, or procure it if necessary.

“We will not wait for approval from the world.”

He unveiled his new Kamin-2, a domestically produced missile system that can blast low-flying enemy drones out of the sky.

Other weaponry paraded through the capital Tehran included missile and radar systems, tanks, and battalions of special forces and sniper teams.

Speaking about the increasing risk of confrontation between the two states, Gerald Feierstein, the Director for Gulf Affairs Gulf Affairs at the Middle East Institute, said: “There is real reason for concern about the potential for this whole thing to spin out of control.

“In my view it’s the most dangerous issue in the world right now and one that could lead to real conflict not only between Israel and Iran but is capable of dragging in the US and the Russians as well.”

He told The Sun Online that the release of the satellite images yesterday showed the Iranians “exactly what is going on and that they’ve got all their locations figured out”.

The former US ambassador to Yemen added: “I think it was something that… if there were any confusion on the part of the Iranians… That should put it to an end.

“All of this is extremely worrying. I think the Israelis are very worried and I think everybody else should be as well.”

He warned the crux of this came from the new capabilities – both in range and accuracy – of the rockets possessed by anti-Israel groups near the Golan Heights on Israel’s eastern flank.

Source » thesun

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