Iranian police arresting protesters

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, April 18 and 19, the strike of merchants and shopkeepers in the cities of the border regions of Kurdistan, Kermanshah and West Azarbaijan provinces continued in wider dimensions than before. In addition to the cities of Javanrood, Baneh, Marivan and Saghez, the merchants in the towns of Sardasht, Mahabad, Boukan and Piranshahr also joined the strikers.

On Wednesday, April 18, Khamenei sent Saeed Jalili, his representative in the Supreme Security Council, to Baneh. However, not only the people paid no attention to his promises, but also responded to him by their protests and continuing their strike. One young man said to Jalili: “… We were on strike for four days, but the governor never showed up to ask what we are doing and what our problem is. They just station anti-riot force for us. They bring a bunch of individuals in the name of intelligence or security among the people to shoot into the air and stimulate the people in order to arrest some and scare the people. People are not afraid of them anymore. I would do anything for my family. Swear to God, I would kill them from the lowest to the highest rank for the sake of my wife and kids. People need job; if they had job, there were no other problem.

In Marivan, the strike of merchants and shopkeepers spread to all major points of the city such as the main intersection, the Jomhouri Ave., the Shabrang intersection, shopping centers across the city and the Bazaar. The anti-riot guard forces attacked and beat the people in the Bissarani square.

In Piranshahr, the mercenaries also collected and tore empty tablecloths that people had spread on the street.

The repressive forces attacked and arrested at least 12 protesters in Saghez, Baneh and Marivan cities on charges of encouraging people to hold a general strike.

A Majlis representative, Rasool Khezri, has admitted that the closure of border passages used by the porters has led to unemployment of more than 75,000 poor porters. More than six to seven million shopkeepers and merchants have lost their jobs too. (Farhang state-run radio – April 18, 2018).

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, praised the strike of merchants and shopkeepers in the border towns, called the youth to participate and support these protests, and asked for the quick release of the detainees.

Source » ncr-iran

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