The Iranian people are furious with the mullahs over their handling of the coronavirus, according to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

We began to explore this in a previous piece, entitled “MEK: How Iran regime could solve coronavirus crisis, but won’t”, but we will delve into more detail here about the real threat of the regime’s overthrow once the coronavirus crisis has subsided.

As anyone familiar with the Iranian regime will know, the mullahs have spent years stealing from the people of Iran and spending the money on terrorism, fundamentalism, domestic suppression, warmongering, various missile programs, and lining the pockets of the mullahs. Meanwhile, the Iranian people – 80% of whom live under the poverty line – just get poorer and poorer.

The latest crisis to hit Iran is the coronavirus outbreak that, as of writing, has killed more than 33,000 people in the country and infected over half a million, according to the MEK. From the regime’s actions (or inactions), gone over in more detail in the earlier piece, it is clear that the mullahs do not care about the Iranian people and are happy to let the disease kill any Iranian too poor to stay home from work or seek medical care.

This is essentially a crime against humanity and the MEK, who has been monitoring the situation in Iran and providing accurate reports to the people and the world, as opposed to the regime’s highly edited reports with a minimal death toll.

The MEK has been making a huge effort to help the Iranian people at this time, which has made them even more admired and beloved by the Iranian people. Now, the regime already considers the MEK as the biggest threat to the mullahs’ continued rule, so they are terrified of an uprising after the coronavirus crisis has passed that will remove the regime from power.

Former Defence and Transportation Minister Akbar Torkan recently said that this next year would be a “tough one” for the regime as they would have to battle two viruses – the Coronavirus and the “Tirana virus”. This second one is a reference to the capital of Albania, which is home to the MEK headquarters, where Torkan claims MEK members wage “waging psychological and internet warfare against the Islamic Republic” on a daily basis.

Of course, the MEK is working tirelessly to ensure that Iran is freed and that the people there know democracy, peace, and human rights. They will not stop until the mullahs are gone. They will defeat the regime.

And the regime knows that, which is why they are so scared. It’s why other officials are suggesting emptying the coffers of the foundations to support the people. It’s why the regime is cracking down so hard on any opposition.

But Iranians and the MEK are not giving up. They are increasing their anti-regime activism. They are pushing on for regime change The mullahs’ abuse just makes them more determined.

Source » irannewsupdate