Russia and China to block US attempt to sabotage Iran deal

Russian and Chinese officials have agreed to try and prevent the United States from “sabotaging” the Iran nuclear deal in the face of President Trump’s looming deadline to withdraw from the agreement.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday he and his Chinese counterpart agreed that the two countries would “obstruct attempts to sabotage these agreements which were enshrined in a U.N. Security Council resolution,” according to Russian state media.

“We are against revising these agreements. We consider it very counterproductive to try to reduce to zero years of international work carried out via talks between the six major powers and Iran,” Lavrov added.

France, the United Kingdom and Germany are among the other nations to sign the deal, which eased sanctions on Iran in exchange for limiting its development of nuclear weapons.

Trump has long criticized the Obama-era agreement, calling it “the worst deal ever negotiated.” He has set a May 12 deadline to improve the accord or see the United States effectively withdraw from it.

Other foreign leaders have urged the U.S. to remain in the deal.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif ripped Trump on Sunday, saying he has failed to live up to the nuclear deal.

Source » thehill

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