Misery in Iran is spreading between the Iranian people like a plague. Day by day the people are becoming poorer while the regime’s officials become richer.

The situation is so critical that even the officials are fearing this amount of poor people who have nothing to live and the living not under the poverty line, but under the death line.

These facts reflect the situation in Iran, a situation that is not the result of the past year, but the result of 40 years of the rules of the mullahs.

On Wednesday, 15 April, the parliament scene expressed the regime’s fears about the situation, as well as the confession of theft and corruption in the Velayat-e-Faqih regime.

Abdolnaser Hemmati, a member of parliament, said, “We did not have all these problems and distrusts in the country. The result of these behaviors caused to have the least participation in the 11th elections of the parliament after the revolution, and this distrust still threatens all elements of the system.

“If we do not pay attention to this situation, the intensification of these sanctions and the livelihood problems of the people, which are really severely damaging and annoying them, can definitely pose a serious danger to the system.” (Abdolnaser Hemmati)

Haji Deligani said: “We are now facing that a coronavirus patient who went to the hospital and while he was not insured, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Mesri (Abdolreza Mesri) they took 9 million tomans from him just because of 6 days hospitalization.”

Mohsen Biglari: “Mr. President, help the people in need in a serious way. Today, more than 10 million families in the country are hand-to-mouth for daily food.

“Mr. Minister of Economy, what is the reason for paying more than $ 2.706 billion of foreign exchange at the government rate, 4200 Tomans for importing unnecessary goods such as dental floss, dolls, toys, and kitchen appliances?

“Mr. Minister of Economy, why isn’t taken from the banks more than 10 trillion Tomans due to the difference of 4200 Tomans (with the currency of the free market)? Are these not the same banks that ruining these people’s just because of a one million tomans loan.”

Raghfar, the regime’s economic expert, said: “Out of 100 trillion Tomans of the government support package, 75 trillion is to be provided to economic enterprises, which is very suspicious and there is concern that it will be distributed among comrades and acquaintances of these people.

“While $ 20 billion came out of the country during the great corruption and no one is responsible, today we extended our hand to the World Bank for $ 5 billion,” he added. (Sobh Eghtesad, 16 April)

The state-run media Sar Amad Eqtesad wrote on 16 April about the billion-dollar thefts and the embezzlement of the people’s property by the regime’s leaders:

“In Iran, most of our managers and government officials are like rich kids and princes who can’t afford entrepreneurship, and their only art is to embezzle the money and give hollow promises… Even now that US sanctions have intensified and selling oil and raw materials has become very difficult, and the money is no longer available, all these princes and rich kids are mourning and trying everything to sell just a little more oil.”

On Tuesday, Adel Azar, the head of the Court of Accounts, announced in a meeting of the parliament that there were several violations of government corruption, including the failure to receive more than 10,800 billion tomans from government dollars.

He said: “In 2018, $ 31,416 billion of foreign exchange was provided to the government at the government’s currency rate to import basic and non-basic goods and services.”

According to the investigations carried out in this court and the information obtained from the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran until 3 December 2019, the following cases can be mentioned:

1- A total of 9,658 rows of financing of order registration by real and legal persons, a total of $ 4,821 billion, despite receiving the 4200 currency imports has not been done.

Foreign Exchange Performance Audit Report of the 4200 Tomans currency shows that out of a total of 12,563 trillion Tomans of exchange rate difference (the rate difference between the government 4200 tomans currency and the of the free market) that should be received from 21 operating banks, about 14% of it has been collected until the beginning of November 2019, and more than 10.800 trillion tomans have not been received.”

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