Four men executed in Iranian prisons

In recent days, Iranian authorities executed four prisoners in Babol, Mashhad, Ardebil and Kermanshah prisons.

The regime executed a 26-year-old man on Wednesday, April 24, at Babol Prison, north of Iran, the state-run ROKNA news agency reported. He was identified only as A.Gh.
He had been on death row since October 2014, on the charge of killing a man during a fight, according to the state media.

The same media reported the execution on murder charges of a 30-year-old man on Monday, April 22.

The state media did not give the names of the victim, or any details about his cases, but the execution appears to has been carried out in the central prison of Mashhad.

In another developement on April 18, a prisoner identified as 45-year-old Vali Zandian, was hanged at the Central Prison of Ardebil.

The same day another prisoner identified as Jafar Hosseini was executed in Dizelabad Prison in Kermanshah, western Iran. Both were found guilty of murder.

Iran has remained among the world’s top five executioners, according to a new report by Amnesty International.

The Iranian regime has a dismal report card of at least 286 executions in 2018, including the execution of 10 political prisoners, four women and seven individuals who were sentenced to death for crimes they allegedly committed as children.

The real numbers were likely to be much higher as use of capital punishment in Iran is often shrouded in secrecy.

Source » iran-hrm

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