Orient TV reported on Sunday April 23 quoting Kurdish authorities that militias close to the Iranian regime have started a large scale ethnic and religious change in Mosul and with the lack of independent media, quietly advance their plans.

Mohammad Shavani of the Kurdish Democratic Party said in Mosul 34 centers of religious parties and militias supporting the Iranian regime have opened that are engaged in committing crimes with sectarian motives in liberated areas in the entire Mosul province.

He added that “these parties and militias in these centers do things that indicate an ethnic and religious change, for example they pressure Sunni and Christian residents to sell their homes and property, and many cases have been recorded that many families because of fear of being targeted and for a lot of pressure were forced to leave the liberated areas”.

Ghiath Al-Sourji, a prominent military official in the peshmerga forces said “Hashd al-Shabi commits crimes against residents and its units create checkpoints and pressure the residents and arrest whoever they want ….”

Also on April 23, Ayad Alnaz, an expert on Iraq issues from Amman, referring to the appointment of Brigadier General Iraj Masjedi, deputy of Qassem Soleimani as the new ambassador of the Iranian regime in Iraq who officially started his work, said the Iranian regime after the events in Iraq and an end to military operations against ISIS is trying to have a greater presence in Iraq. Security and economic and political domination of the regime in Iraq is clear and Masjedi’s appointment as ambassador is very telling. In particular Masjedi has been Qasem Soleimani’s first adviser on Iraq issues and is responsible for Iraq file and is connected to Kataeb group and Hasd al-Shabi militias and militias associated with the Iranian regime security, military and intelligence officials. All these paramilitary elements are directly linked to him and he can take with them the last word.

He says, when an ambassador is appointed with such characteristics, on the surface it is a political issue, but secretly Masjedi has his own plans in Iraq. This gives militants a prominent role in military operations. Iraj Masjedi says when we defend Iraq, we defend Iran’s security and our borders. He participated in the recent wars in Fallujah with elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Source: / ncr-iran /