Iran’s Transport and Urban Development Minister, Mehrdad Bazrpash, arrived in Syria on Tuesday with a high-ranking delegation to discuss ways to expand economic relations between the two countries. He was welcomed by Syrian Economy and Foreign Trade Minister Mohammad Samer al-Khalil. During the two-day visit, the officials are co-chairing the Iran-Syria Joint Economic Committee, where they will discuss ways to strengthen economic ties between the two countries.

Bazrpash emphasized the need for strengthening economic relations between Iran and Syria, stating that talks between the officials of the two countries would focus on expanding economic relations in the maritime and rail sectors, facilitating bank transactions, and reducing free trade tariffs. He also noted that the aim of the trip was to build on past agreements and lay the groundwork for new agreements in various fields.

The two countries have a long history of political cooperation, and the visit aims to deepen economic ties between them. Bazrpash underscored the importance of expanding economic relations, stating that there was a lot of potential for growth in this area. He also highlighted the need to explore new areas of cooperation and to build on existing partnerships.

One of the key issues being discussed by the joint committee is the sea-oriented economy, which has good plans prepared. The committee is also considering the revival and development of rail lines in the fields of cargo and passenger transit. They are also exploring the alliance between Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

Iran and Syria have been taking significant steps to expand their mutual trade ties. The two sides have exchanged numerous trade delegations, and Iranian private companies are investing in various fields of the Syrian economy, providing construction materials, especially cement, and working on several reconstruction projects. The visit by the Iranian delegation is expected to further cement the economic ties between the two countries and open up new avenues for cooperation.

Source » menafn