Iran has failed to send a delegation or present evidence justifying its stated pretext for carrying out the Mar. 13 missile attack against the Kurdistan Region capital Erbil, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein announced on Sunday.

“Iran had shown an intention to send a delegation and present evidence for its accusations regarding its missile attack on Erbil, but it failed to send a delegation or present any evidence,” Hussein told the Saudi Al-Hadath television channel.

The Iraqi foreign minister also told Al-Hadath TV that the building Iran targeted in Erbil was just a civilian residence.

“Tehran has failed to present any evidence to prove its accusations,” Hussein reiterated.

Iran fired 12 ballistic missiles at Erbil on Mar. 13, claiming it was targeting a “strategic Zionist center” in the capital. However, the missiles destroyed a civilian resident owned by a local businessman.

After that attack, the Kurdistan Region officials asked their Iraqi counterparts and international partners to launch an investigation into Tehran’s “baseless” claims.

Top Iraqi officials, including Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, the country’s national security advisor, and a delegation from the Iraqi parliament visited the site of the attack to survey the damage.

Investigations failed to find a “single shred of evidence” that supports Tehran’s allegations, two Iraqi officials told the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper on condition of anonymity.

One of the officials said that the rubble of the damaged house aroused no suspicion. It was merely a “civilian building.”

According to the officials, Iran hadn’t previously raise any concern regarding the presence of an Israeli center in the country, adding they have asked the Iranians to provide evidence for their allegations.

The Kurdish leadership said the attack was part of Iran’s “pressure” campaign amid Iraq’s attempts to form a new government.

Source » kurdistan24