The equipment developed by experts at the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of the Army Ground Force were put on display during a ceremony in the presence of Deputy Chief of Army for Coordination Affairs Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari and Army Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Kioumars Heydari.

The ceremony rolled out a radar warning system capable of detecting and jamming airborne interception radars used in drones, helicopters and fighter jets, in addition to an alarm system for detection of laser-guided weaponry and airborne threats, which can be employed against the enemy’s short-range air defense systems and has the ability to send alerts to UAV ground control stations, Press TV reported.

The Ground Force also showcased Ranesh-1 (Propulsion-1) micro turbojet engine, which can be used in various drones, single-seat light aircraft, a wide array of missile systems, and unmanned boats.

The turbojet engine is light enough to generate high speed thrust, runs on different types of fuel, has a high service ceiling compared to piston engines, can carry payloads, and can considerably boost the flight endurance record in a variety of drones.

The other home-grown products included self-protection and drone-mounted TIAM 1400 system for detection of the enemy’s radars and air surveillance.

The system uses different frequency bands to decipher various types of air surveillance radar signals, and intelligently transmits the received signal to the jammer in order to disrupt it.

The ceremony also featured a flight system that is based on artificial intelligence and incorporates drones and a land-based Taha 1400 radar jamming system that can be carried by drones.

Taha 1400 system uses directional antennas to intelligently cover a wide area of operation, and maintains the flight safety of various drones in the enemy’s locale.

The system is smart and light, a low-voltage consumer and can be installed quickly and easily.

Finally, a land-based jamming system used for countering hostile drones and remote-controlled systems was among the new military achievements unveiled on Sunday.

“We will respond properly to any act by enemy”

Speaking on the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony, Rear Admiral Sayyari made a reference to military wargames staged during the last Iranian calendar (March 2020-March 2021) year by the Armed Forces and said, “The enemy is well aware that if it does any (adventurous) act we will respond properly and this means deterrence capability, and this capability will keep threats away from the country and also bring sustainable development.”

He also said “an army is self-sufficient that can meet its workforce and equipment inside the country and cut dependence” on foreigners.

Today, the Army, including its Ground Force, through reliance on domestic capacities and in cooperation with knowledge-based companies is able to produce the needed military hardware and this is a “source of honor”, the military official said.

Sayyari added the capability to produce needed military equipment is a proper response to those countries that said “we do not sell equipment to you.”

Source » tehrantimes