Iran’s latest attempts to stop Christian TV from entering the country have failed. “We changed our feed to be on a different satellite broadcasting from outside of Iran into Iran,” Heart4Iran’s Mike Ansari says.

“The Iranian government is now engaging in blocking the calls [or] jamming the signal.”

Plus, by being on the same transponder signal as “some of the most popular and most viewed satellite channels in the country of Iran,” Heart4Iran reaches an even larger audience with the hope of Christ.

Iran’s government is one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. It is illegal to leave Islam, and Christians face constant threats. More about that here. Yet 347 people came to Christ in the last three months, Ansari says.

“A lot of [the] Iranian population [is] fed up with Islam, and they’re looking for other options. That’s why they call organizations like Mohabat TV, which is a 24/7 Christian satellite TV [broadcast] into Iran.”

With Ramadan underway, Ansari expects even more calls in the days ahead. “During the month of Ramadan, because of their (Muslims’) attempt to get closer to God, they are in a much better place to receive the Gospel of love from Jesus Christ,” he says.

Pray more Iranian Muslims encounter Christ through Mohabat TV. “Ramadan is a special time where we try to reach the people of Iran with a message of love and peace and tolerance, and acceptance,” Ansari says.

Between now and May 12, when Ramadan ends, ask God to move mightily in the Muslim world. Receive daily Ramadan prayer requests here.

“This is a critical time. Muslims are fasting and they’re trying to establish a closer connection with God, and we’re asking everyone to please lift up the global Muslim population during the month of Ramadan,” Ansari says.

Source » mnnonline