Iran regime intention is building long-range nuclear missiles

IRAN’S only intention is to continue building long-range missiles which have a “capability of carrying weapons of mass destruction”, a former Donald Trump former foreign policy advisor has claimed.

President Donald Trump has been critical of the Iran deal and warned Iran will face “bigger problems than they have ever had before” if Tehran decides to restart its nuclear programme.

Tensions in the Middle East have sparked World War 3 fears after Tehran vowed to ramp up its nuclear programme if the agreement collapses.

A decision to extend or cancel the Iran deal will be taken before May 12, which curbs Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for a stay on economic sanctions.

Donald Trump’s former foreign policy adviser Walid Phares warned the President would say the actions Iran has taken have not been defensive.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Phares said: “One area is the issue of the long-range missiles that the Iranian’s are developing and Mr Trump argues that no regime will develop these missiles, really ICBM type, without having the intention of equipping them with weapons of mass destruction or nuclear capabilities.

“Defence purposes would be anti-aircraft missiles, even long-range missiles or issiles that would be shot or fired across the border.

“But the missiles that they have developed really reaches Europe, North Africa, parts of India. That is not defensive in the view of the Trump team.”

When asked about the prospect of Iran walking away from the deal if the US pulled out, Mr Phares said: “It is less likely Iran would abandon a process that is getting them dozens and dozens of billions of dollars. Of course, they will have to make that statement.

“Of course, they will continue to trade with their European, Chinese and Russian partners around the world. I don’t think the Iranians will go as far as cancelling the agreement… that is what I think the Trump team are counting on.”

Mr Macron, along with Theresa May and Angela Merkel, has urged the US to honour its commitment to the deal.

But Donald Trump has hit out at what he describes as the pact’s “terrible flaws”.

Speaking today, he described the accord as “insane”, adding it was “a terrible deal that should have never been made”.

But after meeting with the French leader, Mr Trump suggested the Iran deal could survive.

He said: “I think we really had some substantive talks on Iran. And we’re looking forward to doing something.

“We could have at least an agreement among ourselves very quickly. I think we’re fairly close to understanding each other.”

Emmanuel Macron travelled to Washington in the hope of convincing his US counterpart to stick with the Iran deal.

The French leader said: ”On Iran, we must contextualise this subject within the challenges of the region.

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