In a tweet, Alireza Beigi said, “I don’t want to talk about the privileges that have been given,” but it is good for the Presiding Board of the Parliament to intervene and shed light on the links between the delivery of the cars and the cancelled impeachment.

Reacting to the claim, Yaser Jebraili, the head of the Center for Strategic Evaluation and Monitoring of the Implementation of General Policies, affiliated to the government, said he would “definitely take a position against Fatemi Amin, and that both he and the MPs who received the cars should not remain in office even for a single day.”

“But if this accusation is rejected, Alireza Beigi should stand trial,” he added.

Minister Fatemi Amin has rejected the accusation as untrue and voiced preparedness to join the impeachment session on Sunday.

Meanwhile Alireza Salimi, a member of the Parliament’s Presiding Board, also rejected the claims of bribery as sheer lies, saying those who make such accusations should bring evidence.

Source » ifpnews