Inmates in Gohardasht prison, west of Tehran, are facing serious problems.

Prisoners are deprived of the basic necessities, and their fundamental rights are neglected.

Low quality food, lack of adequate access to medical care and the dysfunctional heating system in need of repair are some of the problems that have made conditions for the prisoners extremely difficult.

It has been over a year since inmates of ward 10 of this prison have no access to warm water and are forced to use cold water for their washings.

The heating system in this ward has been constantly broken down in the past year and authorities have taken no action despite receiving money from the inmates for this very purpose.

The food is also very poor in quality, resulting in malnutrition or stomach and intestinal problems for the inmates. Many of the prisoners are seen throwing away half or even all of their food. They are then forced to pay for their own food.

The inmates are also deprived of any legal representation. These prisoners are literally forced to provide for all their necessary items, such as refrigerators, rugs and even food. Lack of medical care is also another major problem for the inmates. As their conditions have worsened some of the inmates are forced to pay for their own medical services despite the heavy costs.

Source: / ncr-iran /