In recent days, shocking footage about the elimination of millions of factory chicks circulated on social media. Videos of burial alive of millions of chicks forced many citizens to think about why the mullahs committed this crime against millions of impoverished citizens.

However, this is not the first time, and the Iranian regime already committed such disgusting actions for times according to officials’ admissions. Furthermore, financial institutions affiliated with the supreme leader Ali Khamenei avoid spending their assets for protecting people versus the coronavirus while they had lined their pockets with the money of needy citizens.

On the other hand, several authorities tried to ease the anger of millions of hungry people by resorting to ironic claims. “If I’m not mistaken, we have 17-18,000 poultry entities. An entity was concerned about a drop of poultry prices and it eliminated chicks in fear of inability to provide poultry feed,” said the administration’s spokesperson Ali Rabiei in an interview with the state-run T.V. on April 20.

Despite Rabiei’s effort for justification of this horrible act, a poultry farmer from Qom revealed the real reason. “Sir, move on, you have locked this industry. You made us miserable. What should I do? I frequently came to the provincial government and governorate. I have no choice. You don’t offer even soil to me with 25-cent,” poultry farmer published his complaints on social media.

“My money has been deposed to the account of Ava Tejarat Saba Company for six months. This is the receipt, but they don’t deliver my poultry feed. I provided $375,000 and this is its receipt. Today, I made a call to the Agricultural Minister and he assured me that the poultry feed is in the port… What should I do? The association does not respond to us, Mr. thieves! What should I do?” added the poultry farmer.

Another poultry farmer, whose words are reflected in a video clip on social media, expressed his hatred of the leaders. “Officials! You should be embarrassed, shame on you thieves. My chicks are dying of hunger. Shame on you! I wish you to get the coronavirus and die. I could not find a feed for four days. This is the capital of Iran… Disgrace thieves, come here and look,” another poultry farmer expressed his wrath against the corrupt system.

Deputy Agricultural Minister Hassan Abbasi Maroufan reckoned the lack of poultry feed as the main reason for these problems. However, a poultry farmer rejected Maroufan’s claims and said that the monopolization of the market of poultry feed is the main obstacle.

“They do not want to decrease the prices of poultry feeds and pursue to line their pockets with more money. In this respect, they terrified to decrease the chicken prices by providing the required amount of feed,” another poultry farmer who is familiar with the issue said.

“The Agricultural Ministry’s action has forced us to have 40 million surplus production in this status quo. I swear that it does not relate to the coronavirus. Corona has no effect on the foodstuffs. Yesterday, 16 million chicks were eliminated. I killed 13,000 chicks yesterday and today I have brought 13,000 others here to eliminate. Their depots are full of soy and corn but do not give us to feed these chicks,” a poultry farmer from West Azarbaijan province, northwestern Iran, posted his remarks on social media criticized the government’s monopolizing policies.

Nasser Nabipour, head of the poultry union in Tehran province, warned thousands of chickens will soon burry alive as chicks. “Chickens are still kept in poultry farms and farmers are unable to provide feed, medicine, and vaccine to maintain them,” the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC)-owned Tasnim news agency quoted Nabipour as saying on April 26.

Over two million tons of poultry feed are in the ports for four months, but [officials] do not give the required currency to the importer to unload soybeans and corn. On the other hand, there is no customer and if this trend continues, poultry farmers must burry their chickens alive,” Nabipour added.

Also, the chief of National Birds Association Qolamali Fareghi unveiled a part of the truth about the monopolization of poultry feed in custom. “Since early April, it has become difficult for poultry farmers to access feed like corn and soybeans. In this respect, the price of corn increased from 1,350 to 2,750 tomans per kilo. And the price of soybeans increased from 2,450 to 4,500 tomans per kilo,” Tasnim quoted Fareghi as saying on the same day.

He added, “However, poultry farmers could not provide feed, and importers did not receive the required currency. Therefore, embargoes of corn did not release and unload while they were in ports.”

“Livestock Support Company could curb eliminating of chicks and eggs by the timely entrance and purchasing sperm eggs and selling them orally. However, [elimination of millions of chicks] took place and the production is becoming invalid instead of developing,” Fareghi continued.

Even the notorious chief of the Judiciary Ebrahim Raisi, who has the blood of many innocent people including 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988, seized the opportunity to criticize the Rouhani administration. He wept crocodile tears for eliminated factory chicks and described the action as “illegal, unlawful, and immoral.”

Raisi also blamed the Agricultural Ministry’s officials for defending from burial chicks alive, saying, “They told that this move was performed, and it is necessary to do,” the state-run T.V. broadcasted Raisi’s remarks on April 20.

However, what is going on behind the scenes and who owns Pars Livestock Feed Company, which according to state media is the largest producer of poultry feed in Iran?

According to official media, Kowsar Agricultural Investment Company has 52 percent of the Pars company’s shares as well as adding 8 percent of shares are owned by Kowsar Economic Organization as a subsidiary of Kowsar company. Remarkably, Kowsar Economic Organization is affiliated with the Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Foundation that is a part of the supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s economic empire.

On April 26, the IRNA news agency, affiliated with the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, wrote, “85 percent of the production and sale of chicks is in the possession of a collection attributed to the Martyr Foundation.” However, the news agency deleted the news a few hours later, which highlighted the importance and accuracy of the news.

Additionally, Simorgh [Phoenix] Poultry Company with 130 billion tomans capital is the largest poultry complex in the Middle East. 53.01 percent of Simorgh’s shares belong to Mehr 78 Support Services, which is one of the institutions affiliated with Khamenei.

In fact, all the clues of this industry and elimination of chicks finally reach the office of Khamenei and Rouhani’s administration. This issue proves that Iran’s economic mafia has merely consisted to preserve both the economic and political interests of different factions.

The regime’s supreme leader unveiled that he cares about nothing except boosting his power at the expense of the lives of many hungry citizens who search for garbage containers for something to feed their families. Exposing tens of millions of needy people who live under the poverty line to famine is the flipside of the coin of killing more than 1,500 protesters in November.

The elimination of millions of chicks proved that the mullahs are ready to sacrifice millions of ordinary people and leave them in hunger and misery to save their business. In other words, the mullahs’ regime has taken hostage the lives, health, and food of the Iranian people, and each day it is further tightening the noose on the society.

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