80,000 extremists under Iranian control waiting orders

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon addressed the Security Council debate on the Middle East on Thursday, and presented new information about Iran’s presence in Syria including an aerial photograph of an induction and recruitment center for Shia militants.

“There are over 80,000 extremists from all over the Middle East who are members of Shia militias in Syria under Iranian control. What you see here in this image is Iran’s central induction and recruitment center in Syria. We are presenting this image to the world so you can understand the depth of Iran’s involvement in Syria. It is at this base, just over five miles from Damascus, where these dangerous extremists are trained and then assigned their missions of terror throughout Syria and the region,” Ambassador Danon said to the Security Council.

Speaking of the Iranian nuclear deal, Ambassador Danon noted that, “In just two and half weeks, the United States will announce its important decision regarding the fate of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. President Trump is focused on these important changes because he knows it will make the world safer. All the signatories of this agreement must now make a choice. Do you support these necessary changes? Or, will you choose to enable the Iranian regime that supports terror and is attempting to take over the Middle East?” The Ambassador then added that, “Israel has a very clear policy and it has been so since the administration of Prime Minister Menahem Begin. We will not allow regimes that seek our destruction to acquire nuclear weapons. Period.”

Earlier in his remarks, Ambassador Danon addressed the recent riots in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. “Throughout the riots of the past month, Hamas has used innocent Palestinian women and children as human shields, while they cowered behind in safety. The terrorists are hiding while allowing, even hoping, for their people to die. This is evil in its purest form,” he said. “Israel has an obligation to protect our citizens and we will do so while minimizing civilian casualties to the other side but let me be clear: Israel will never apologize for defending our country. It is Hamas that is fully responsible for every Palestinian injury and death that has resulted from these incidents.” Ambassador Danon declared.

Source » israelnationalnews

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