Russia aided Iran nuclear program during Obama presidency

Uranium One informant, William Douglas Campbell told The Hill that he provided evidence to the FBI during Obama’s first term that Russia was aiding Iran’s nuclear program as billions worth of US contracts were flowing into Moscow’s uranium industry.

John Solomon and Alison Spann of The Hill reported:

A former undercover informant says he provided evidence to the FBI during President Obama’s first term that Russia was assisting Iran’s nuclear program even as billions in new U.S. business flowed to Moscow’s uranium industry.

William Douglas Campbell told The Hill his evidence included that Russia was intercepting nonpublic copies of international inspection reports on Tehran’s nuclear program and sending equipment, advice and materials to a nuclear facility inside Iran.

Campbell said Russian nuclear executives were extremely concerned that Moscow’s ongoing assistance to Iran might boomerang on them just as they were winning billions of dollars in new nuclear fuel contracts inside the United States.

“The people I was working with had been briefed by Moscow to keep a very low profile regarding Moscow’s work with Tehran,” Campbell said in an interview. “Moscow was supplying equipment, nuclear equipment, nuclear services to Iran. And Moscow, specifically the leadership in Moscow, were concerned that it would offset the strategy they had here in the United States if the United States understood the close relationship between Moscow and Tehran.”

The Obama administration previously threatened Douglas Campbell and the DOJ under then-AG Loretta Lynch blocked him from testifying to Congress.

In February, Campbell gave over 4 hours of testimony and answered every question from three Congressional committees; the Senate Judiciary, House Oversight and House Intelligence committees, according to attorney Victoria Toensing.

In the testimony, obtained by investigative reporter Sara Carter, Campbell reveals for several years he had a relationship with the CIA which then evolved into working as an FBI informant due to close connections he developed with Kazakhstan and Russia in their nuclear energy industries.

Despite his ongoing relationship with various law enforcement agencies that spanned over many years, the Democrats are trying to discredit the witness.

Douglas Campbell gave his interview in the shadows. Only his white hair, white beard and outline of his glasses are visible.

The Obama administration was an 8 year crime spree. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg because Mueller, with Rod Rosenstein’s permission, is actively blocking any real investigation into Obama’s crimes by disarming Trump’s Justice Department.

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