14 Executions on Monday and Tuesday, 49 Executions in the Last 11 Days Including 16 Baluch Compatriots
Commuting the Death Sentence of Babak Zanjani, One of the Biggest Government Thieves, and Preparing for His Release Amidst the Brutal Executions

Ali Khamenei, the criminal leader, is accelerating executions and bloodshed with unimaginable cruelty to preserve the vile system of the Velayat-e Faqih. According to reports received by midday today, the regime’s henchmen executed at least 14 prisoners over the last two days. On Tuesday, April 30, Alireza Sargolzaei was executed in Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad, along with Mahmoud Mangali (Gorgij), Mehdi Ashtarak, Mohammad Shahbakhsh, and another prisoner in Birjand Prison. Four of the victims were Baluch compatriots.

On Monday, April 29, six prisoners were hanged in Isfahan and three in Qaen, with the execution of three of them announced in yesterday’s statement. Mohsen Karami (Rakhsani), Hossein Shadman, and Barahouei, who were executed in Qaen, were also Baluch compatriots. Additionally, on Sunday, April 28, beyond the three executions previously announced, a Baluch compatriot named Mehdi Bameri was hanged in Kahnuj Prison.

Thus, in the last 11 days, at least 49 prisoners have been sent to the gallows, with 16 of them being Baluch compatriots.

In another development, while deprived and oppressed people across different parts of Iran are being executed for baseless reasons or having their fingers ruthlessly amputated for stealing a few sheep, today, Mizan News Agency, belonging to the judiciary, announced that the death sentence for Babak Zanjani, one of the biggest government thieves and embezzlers in Iran’s history, has been overturned and commuted to 20 years of imprisonment. According to the Entekhab website, his lawyer subsequently announced that since Babak Zanjani has been in prison for over 10 years, “according to laws and regulations, he is eligible for parole and has completed his prison term.”

Babak Zanjani, who had been an accomplice of high-ranking regime officials for years, was arrested in 2013 due to internal factional disputes within the regime. In 2015, he was sentenced to death by the same judiciary for charges including “corruption on earth through disruption of the economic system by leading an organized network, extensive fraud from several banks and the Ministry of Oil, forging 24 banking documents, laundering 1,967,500,000 euros, and spreading falsehoods.”

Source » ncr-iran