Iran concealing real numbers of coronavirus fatalities

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The Iranian regime works to conceal the true numbers of coronavirus fatalities, a policy it has been following since the virus emerged throughout Iran months ago.

Official confirmation

The deputy mayor of Tehran, Mojtaba Yazdani, said authorities in the Iranian capital had prepared graves for an additional 10,000 coronavirus victims.

He added during a meeting of the city council on April 12 that new refrigerator trucks would be added to the graves in the Iranian capital.

This casts doubt on the statistics released by Iranian authorities about virus casualties so far. Until April 13, 4,585 people had succumbed to the coronavirus in Iran, according to Iranian authorities.

Iranian authorities had stopped reporting virus fatalities in each province. They release the total number of fatalities everyday in order to make it difficult for observers to decide which province had the highest death rate from the coronavirus.


Some members of the Iranian parliament accused Iranian President Hassan Rouhani of hiding the real number of coronavirus fatalities and infections.

A member of the National Committee against the Coronavirus revealed, meanwhile, that over half a million Iranians had contracted the infection so far.

In March, the Iran International channel said the Iranian Ministry of health had recorded 104,000 infections.

The opposition militant group, People’s Mujahedin of Iran, said last week over 9,000 Iranians had succumbed to the coronavirus so far.

The Iranian Ministry of health had earlier warned that coronavirus fatalities could reach 30,000 by the first week of May.

Iranian authorities had asked the families of coronavirus dead victims to report the death of their relatives to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corpse.

The corpse is responsible of granting the families of the victims permission to bury their relatives. The corpse is also responsible for issuing statistics about the dead victims of the virus.

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