Iran’s political forces are preoccupied with controlling their country’s parliament, even as the rest of the world is busy fighting the coronavirus.

This is especially true after the February 2020 elections in which the fundamentalists won with a landslide.

The agenda of the political forces is a bit bizarre, particularly with the high rate of coronavirus infections in Iran.

Fundamentalist brawl

Iran’s political stage is full of conflicts, despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the Persian language reformist daily, Aftab Yazd, said on April 6.

It said the fundamentalist parties, which won most of the 290 seats of the Iranian parliament, started racing against each other to win the presidency of the parliament.

The newspaper noted that this struggle over the presidency of the parliament started so early, even as it is not known when the parliament would reconvene for its 11th session yet.

Iranian authorities denied almost 90% of the reformist candidates the right to run in the February elections, which gave the conservatives and fundamentalists a stronger edge in the elections.


Many Iranians view the fundamentalists’ preoccupation with controlling the parliament as an indication of their narrow mindedness.

The coronavirus is spreading with rare velocity among Iranians, feeding on the misguided policies of the country’s mullahs who failed to apply proper preventive measures when the crisis started.

These misguided policies caused tens of thousands of Iranians to contract the virus and thousands of others to die from it.

The lawmakers also need to know that they are not immune from the virus. Some of the lawmakers have already contracted the virus and others died from it.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani contracted the virus on April 2. A number of senior Iranian officials also contracted the disease.

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