Iran’s government plans to mark the day of the Revolutionary Guard’s missile and drone attacks against Israel in the Iranian calendar as a national “Remembrance Day.”

The minister of culture, Mohammad Mehdi Esmaeili, announced the news on Tuesday as the government desperately tries to turn the failed operation into a success story.

During the unprecedented military assault on April 13, Iran launched over 350 missiles and drones at Israel in retaliation for what Tehran claims was an Israeli airstrike on its consulate in Damascus, which allegedly killed a senior Quds Force commander and several officers.

Despite the majority of the projectiles being intercepted by Israeli air defenses and a US-led coalition, Iranian government and military officials have consistently described the April 13 attack as a success. They claim it demonstrates Iran’s military capability and deterrence.

The move is part of broader efforts by Iranian authorities to use state-controlled media to shape public perception, focusing on their portrayal of military actions as victorious without acknowledging any operational or diplomatic setbacks.

Esmaili had previously said that the day of Iran-backed Hamas’ attack on Israel. October 7, the trigger for the current Gaza war, will be recorded in the Iranian calendar as “The Day of the Epic of Palestinian Youth.”

Source » iranintl