60 Percent of Iran Hospitals in a State of Disrepair

A member of Health Committee of Iranian regime’s parliament announced that 60 percent of Iran’s hospitals are old and disrepaired.

According to regime’s parliamentary ‘Khane Mellat’ news agency on April 12, while pointing to the number of dilapidated health centers, Haydar-Ali Abedi added that “if restoration of these centers is not put on the agenda, irreparable damages are going to occur following any crisis.”

Abedi pointed out, as an instance, that there are only four new hospitals in Isfahan province, with other ones being old and dilapidated.

He also criticized previous governments for their negligence regarding restoration and renovation of old health centers, saying that the suggestions to resolve this problem was not taken seriously by Ministry of Health officials, either.

Nevertheless, the MP added that the Ministry of Health is not able to restore and renovate old health centers by itself, but a coherent and powerful organization is needed in order to do so.

Abedi acknowledged that most of Iranian provinces are subject to being hit by a crisis, and considering the old, disrepaired health centers, any disaster may lead to heavy losses.

Earlier, regime’s Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development had expressed concerns while announcing that 30 percent of the country’s population live in distressed urban areas, also referred to as ‘unorganized textures’.

According to Mohammad-Saeid Izadi, of 130 thousand acres of unorganized textures, 56 thousands are dysfunctional urban areas, 48 thousands are unofficial settlements, and the remaining 25 thousands are historical textures.

He warned over a ‘serious threat’ raised by natural disasters that could lead to humanitarian ones, as the consequences of a continued wrong urbanization model.

Regime’s Ministry of Roads and Urban Development had in a 2014 report expressed concerns over serious threats raised by lack of access to essential services at the time of earthquake, flood, fire, and similar incidents in Tehran as well as other Iranian cities.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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