11 Protest Rallies in Tehran and Other Iranian Cities

On Sunday, April 23rd various protest gatherings were held in various cities across Iran protesting poor living conditions and government-sponsored theft. Here are 12 such cases, shedding small light on the overall situation in Iran.

Tehran – Rally outside parliament

A group of kindergarten teachers, all women, rallied in Tehran outside the regime’s parliament demanding official employment.

Engineering students and graduates, deprived of any jobs, also rallied outside the regime’s parliament.

Around 300 people from Ilam Province, southwest Iran, protesting the Energy Ministry confiscating their lands and demanded their property returned.

“13 years ago they confiscated our land, claiming to need it to build a powerhouse. However, 13 years later there is no sign of any dam nor powerhouse,” one worker said.

Around 300 employees and workers of the Village Communication Company from the province of Lorestan, Chahar Mahal Bakhtiar, and Kohgilaviye & Boyer Ahmed rallied outside the parliament demanding jobs.

Retired electric workers protesting in Tehran

A group of Tehran’s regional electric workers, who from 20 years ago purchased lands through the Tehran Electricity Company, rallied and protested not receiving their pledged lands.

Tabas municipality workers stage rally

On Sunday workers of the Tabas municipality workers went on strike, protesting not receiving their paychecks. These workers are associated to the Zarrin Barekat Company, and for some period they have been involved in a contract with the municipality. However, they haven’t received their paychecks.

“We have not received our New Year bonuses or pensions. We have also not been paid for our overtime work,” a protesting worker said.

Jalfa bazaar strike

Storeowners in the city of Jalfa, northwest Iran, went on strike protesting a new 6% tax on goods carried by passengers.

“They must stop the trend of smuggled goods and they should start taking measures against smuggled goods. Government officials are aware that 3,000 to 5,000 containers of smuggled goods enter Bandar Abbas, (southern Iran). No one is stopping them, but they are stopping imports in Jalfa, which doesn’t equal even one pickup truck,” a storeowner on strike said.

“Gachsaran” Dam workers stage protest rally

A group of workers of the “Gachsaran” Dam staged a rally outside the regime’s governorate office in this city protesting not receiving their paychecks for the past eight months.

“On behalf of 2,000 workers in the Gachsaran Dam… to this day we have not received our paychecks for over eight months, causing major problems for us and our families,” a worker at the rally said.

Expelled factory workers in Ghazvin stage protest during Rouhani’s speech

Coinciding with a visit by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, a number of expelled workers in Ghazvin (west of Tehran) rallied on Saturday outside the city governorate office.

These workers used to work in the Farnakh, Naznakh and counter-making factories and other companies. They are now unemployed and rallied to demand their pensions, which they have not received for the past few months.

“We were promised jobs and our demands to be paid. Today, after many months, not only have none of these job promises been realized, we have yet to receive any other payments for the past few years,” one protesting worker said.

Miners staging protest rally

Miners of the Sarkhas Agh Darband mine rallied outside the Khorasan Razavi Province governorate. These miners have not received their paychecks for the past 13½ months.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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