U.S. continues diplomatic efforts to extend embargo on Iran

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The US is concerned that an arms embargo on Iran would be lifted, according to a nuclear agreement signed in 2015, under the UN Security Council resolutions.

According to the UN Resolution 2231, the Iran would be entitled to get arms from any country by October if the international sanctions were lifted.

In a statement on his Twitter page over the weekend, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo called for the UN Security Council to extend the arms embargo on Iran, warning the international body that Iran will “start a new arms race in the Middle East.” He noted that the embargo will expire in six months and added, “The clock is ticking.”

“In the last year, Iran fired ballistic missiles at its neighbors, mined and captured oil tankers, smuggled weapons into conflict zones, and shot down a civilian passenger jet. We can’t risk Iran buying more advanced weapons and transferring their arsenal to irresponsible actors,” Pompeo said, referring to the mullah regime’s armed militias in a number of countries in the region, especially in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Meanwhile, Tehran has launched a diplomatic campaign to make the world sympathize with it in a bid to lift the US sanctions, which do not include humanitarian aid in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed thousands of Iranians.

In a press conference, US President Donald Trump has said his country is ready to send respirators to Iran, but Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Tehran wouldn’t accept this aid.

Zarif added that Iran would even export these devices within a few months, calling on the US to stop what he described as interventions in Iran’s affairs.

Iran has requested a loan worth $5 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a bid to deal with coronavirus pandemic, but the US administration, which may veto the IMF’s decisions, has warned that Iran will likely to use any financial aid to support its terrorist militias.

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