The leader of the Islamic Republic said that the regime’s “enemies” were in “combat mode” warning his supporters to be prepared.

In a televised speech for Iran’s Teacher Day, Ali Khamenei said that the “enemy” was attacking the regime’s economy and politics while also infiltrating the country’s intelligence systems and carrying out internet attacks.

“The United States and Zionists are planning and acting on all dimensions,” he said adding that the “attack” was not specific to the current US government.

“The previous governments did the same with velvet gloves, but the current United States president has helped us by taking off these gloves and everyone can see the hidden steel underneath,” the regime’s leader said.

Khamenei called for the preservation of unity among various government factions, especially in the “present situation”. “Everyone should take care not to stand against each other due to trivial differences in taste because the power of the nation depends on the unity of all people, social classes, and ethnicities and the mutual unity of officials and the people,” he said.

The United States left the JCPOA a year ago and has thus far implemented its “maximum pressure” campaign including the full shut down of Iran’s oil exports. Last week, US President Trump said it would not extend the oil import exemptions for the six remaining countries. China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Turkey, were told to cut their oil imports from Iran to zero by May 1, otherwise, they would face US sanctions.

The announcement of the non- exemptions have made Iranian officials nervous.  Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif went as far as to accuse the US government of trying to change the regime in Iran and even proposed negotiations for a prisoner swap between the US and Iran. A request that was shunned by the US.

Source » irannewswire