Iran Regime Terrified of Presidential Election Farce Providing Grounds for Uprisings

In a gathering with military commanders, Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei indicated the enemies of his regime focusing on the country’s economic weaknesses, intending to disrupt the ‘farce’ presidential election.

During the past few days nearly all of the regime’s media outlets and senior officials from both factions have warned about a new “sedition” the term used since 2009.

A recent editorial of the Javan daily reads, “Signs from the society show very well how citizens are very unhappy.”

Iran’s former intelligence ministry also referred to this issue.

“Using its experience from the 2009 sedition, the enemy is seeking to instigate the middle class. Back in 2009 they were able to convince the upper-middle class to pour into the streets,” Heydar Moslehi said.

He emphasized “sedition is definite” this year, adding it should take place while Khamenei is alive. If this turn of events takes place after his death, Khamenei’s successor will not be able to resolve such a crisis, Moslehi continued.

Head of the Tehran Province elections department issued warnings in this regard.

“Provoking people into the streets prior to the elections is dangerous… we suggest to everyone to weigh their actions and not provoke the society,” he added.

“The country’s security is not an issue we can negotiate about,” the Arman daily warned.

“I doubt the seditionists would want to repeat that same path… however, you must remain aware and take everything into consideration. Be aware that if a number of people seek to launch a sedition… you should enter the scene and take action,” said Sadegh Larijani, head of the Iranian regime’s judiciary.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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