Protests and Anti-Government Activities in Tehran and Other Iranian Cities on the Occasion of Workers Day

According to reports by the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) inside of the country, various Iranian cities were the scenes of protests and anti-regime acts on the occasion of the International Workers’ Day.


On Tuesday, May 1st, thousands of workers, retirees, and other deprived strata of the society took part in an anti-government gathering in front of the Majlis (parliament) in protest to their deplorable living conditions. They chanted: “Arrested workers should be freed,” “Bread, housing, freedom, are our inalienable rights,” “Astronomical wages (for senior officials), public misery”, “Worker, teacher, student, solidarity, solidarity.” Placards carried by the workers read: “Our dinner table is still empty”. One of the workers carried a large placard which read: “Hey, You, billionaire minister, I haven’t been able to buy meat for the past 40 months”.

The security forces attacked this protest rally and arrested a number of protesters. The identity of seven of those arrested has been ascertained so far.

At the same time a large crowd marched towards the regime’s “Worker’s House” and protested in front of it. They were chanting: “Death to oppressor, hail to the workers” “Incompetent minister, resign, resign” “We don’t want an incompetent minister.”

Saqqez (Kurdistan)

The gathering of workers on International Workers’ Day was held in Chami Vali Khan Square. It was attacked by the repressive forces. A number of participants were arrested and one of the workers was injured.


A number of workers of Alborz Expansion Institution held an anti-government gathering in front of “People’s House”. The repressive forces attacked them and used tear gas. A number of protesters were arrested.


The regime mobilized the repressive forces to prevent the gathering and protest by the farmers.

Retired workers of Isfahan Steel factory gathered in front of the pension office of the steel factory and protested against their welfare and the regime ignoring the workers’ problems and plight.


TEHRAN: The number of detained protesting workers in front of regime’s parliament raised to 7

YAZD: Workers start marching on internationl labour day

The workers of Yazd are marching and chanting: The workers are awake and are disgusted by exploitation.

RASHT: Protest gathering of looted creditors of “Caspian financial institute”

Today, the looted creditors of the state affiliated financial institute, gathered in front of its branch and asked for recapturing of their deposits and while chanting: “Damn Rouhani ” threw eggs toward the entrance door of the branch. They are chanting: You despicable thieves, give our money back.

TEHRAN: Three protesters in labour day gathering were arrested in front of the regime’s parliament

According to reports recieved by ‘the Iranian Free Union of Workers’, security forces have arrested number of workers and pensioners who are staging protest gathering in front of the regime’s parliament, the protesting workers are chanting: Detained workers must be freed, they are holding an affiche written on it: Social security is our defenitive right.

TEHRAN: Workers, pentioners, people from different walks are gathered in front of regime’s paliament.

TEHRAN: Workers are marching toward Khaneye Kargar (Iran’s largest non governmental Labour syndicate), the number of workers in the march is close to 1000 and increasing.

BANEH – Kurdistan province: the seventeenth day of strike of Bazaris (merchants) is continuing doday

TEHRAN: Protesters and demonstrators in front of Iran regime’s Parliament are chanting against Hunger.

TEHRAN: Workers who were marching in Kargar and Hafez streets are joining the protesters in front of Khaneh Kargar.

TEHRAN: Protesting workers in frond of Khaneh Kargar are chanting , Hail to workers, Death to oppressors.

SAQEZ – Kurdistan province: Regime’s security forces together with local thugs are attacking demonstrators who are commemorating May Day.

Source » ncr-iran