The Iranian ambassador to Kuwait announced that Tehran is ready to resume negotiations with Kuwait over al-Durra gas field, which Tehran names as the Arash field.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait called on Iran’s side to engage in negotiations to determine the eastern boundary of the Submerged Divided Zone.

In a joint statement, the two countries said they had previously invited Iran for negotiations, but calls were not met.

The Iranian ambassador to Kuwait, Mohammad Irani, said his country is ready to resume the talks that started about a decade ago with Kuwait on the gas field located in the offshore divided zone between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

He said that Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian had recently consulted with his Kuwaiti counterpart Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Sabah on the issue.

Irani also said that the official spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry had also announced that Iran is ready to resume talks with Kuwait on the matter.

The ambassador said that the bilateral relations between Iran and Kuwait are at the highest level, and this positive atmosphere lays the ground for discussion and consultation regarding the gas field and reaching a solution.

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, acting as a single negotiating party, renewed a call on Iran to delimitate the eastern boundary, affirming their right to exploit the natural resources in the field.

Earlier, Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed Al Sabah said that Iran was not a party to the al-Durra field, which is “purely Kuwaiti-Saudi.”

He noted that only Kuwait and Saudi Arabia enjoyed investment rights in this field under previously ratified bilateral agreements.

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait signed a document to develop the offshore gas field, which is expected to produce 1 billion cubic feet per day of gas and 84,000 barrels per day of condensate.

Source » trackpersia