The Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah claimed to attack Israel with “dozens” of katyusha rockets on Monday. The rockets targeted the IDF’s “Golan Division headquarters,” Hezbollah told Beirut-based Al Mayadeen news channel. Air-raid sirens were heard in several locations in the central Golan Heights.

“The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah announced that it had targeted, on Monday morning , the headquarters of the Golan Division (210th) at the Nafah base with dozens of ‘Katyusha’ rockets,” Al Mayadeen reported.The attack was part of a series of Hezbollah escalations over the past days. On Sunday, it also attacked Kiryat Shmona with 20 rockets and fired about 40 more projectiles toward the North.

Hezbollah always claims its attacks are in “response” to Israeli actions. In this case, it blamed Israel for an “attack that targeted the Bekaa region.”
The Hezbollah escalation comes as Iran is likely monitoring developments in Gaza amid Israeli calls for civilians to evacuate eastern Rafah. This means that Iranian-backed proxies and terrorist groups may increase their attacks.

Iran prodding proxies to attack

Iran has recently prodded groups in Iraq and Bahrain to carry out attacks. The attacks cannot be verified, however, because the terrorist groups are making the claims without much evidence. For instance, the terrorist group in Bahrain may not even be operating from Bahrain. Bahrain joined the Abraham Accords along with the UAE. So, it is less likely that a group could operate there even with Iranian backing.

Therefore, it is worth considering that some of the reports in pro-Iran media outlets relate to statements more than they relate to reality.
On the Hezbollah front, however, things are different. The group has a large arsenal, and when it says it carries out attacks, it generally does not exaggerate.

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