An Iranian court has sentenced a man to death over content he posted online during 2022 protests over the death in custody of an Iranian-Kurdish woman, the judiciary said Tuesday.

Iran was gripped by months-long protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, after she was arrested for an alleged breach of the strict dress code for women.

The judiciary’s Mizan Online website said Mahmoud Mehrabi was found guilty of posting content that included guidance on how “to use homemade weapons and called for the destruction of public property”.

He was convicted of “inciting people to commit killings and insulting religious sanctities”, it added.

Lawyer Babak Farsani said Mehrabi was found guilty of the capital offence of “corruption on earth”. He can appeal against the sentence before the Supreme Court.

The months-long protests sparked by Amini’s death saw hundreds of people killed in street clashes, including dozens of security personnel.

Thousands were arrested as authorities moved to quell what they branded foreign-instigated “riots”.

Last month, an Iranian court sentenced popular rapper Toomaj Salehi to death for supporting the demonstrations.

Nine men have been executed in protest-related cases involving killings and other violence against security forces.

Amnesty International says Iran executed 853 people in 2023, the highest total since 2015.

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