Iran blasts high-speed torpedo

A TORPEDO has been fired near the Strait of Hormuz in a test mission by Iran, military officials have claimed.

Tehran fired off a Hoot missile, not tested for two years, as World War III tensions continue into 2017.

On the Korean peninsula US and Japanese warships have gathered to prevent nuclear missile and missile testing.

Kim Jong-un has said he has the right to develop weapons to protect his country, and that he is reacting aggression from Donald Trump.

ifmat - Iran blasts high-speed torpedo

While China attempted to cool global tempers Iran has reignited the flame by starting up again with its own missile tests.

The launch of the super fast torpedo is not against international law – but comes directly as the world is trying to convince North Korea to calm down.

Three senior defence officials confirmed to US media the test on Sunday had been carried out, but refused to say whether it was successful.

It is claimed the high-speed torpedo was sent out near the Strait of Hormuz.

Source: / express /

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