According to ISNA, the Iranian regime’s minister of education (ie Mohammad Bathayi) has recently asked teachers to keep in mind the country being “at war” and to express their frustration in a more cautious manner. Stating that “when our teachers rally in the streets, dozens of others also join in to express all other kinds of concerns”. (4 May 2019)

Adding: “our country is at war and our enemy is closer to us than ever; we need to express our issues a little more carefully”.

What Bathayi means by “war” is the intense sanctions that US has imposed against the Iranian Regime again.

Many teachers are complainant about small study spaces, insufficient equipment, late payments, and lack of attention to retirees.

Bathayi’s statement was made 3 days after the protest of teachers who gathered infront of many study officers within various provinces and cities; calling for the “improvement of the livelihoods of employed and retiree teachers, putting a stop to privatisation of education sector, provision of free quality education to everyone, equal pay for retirees, and payment of overdue salaries”.

They also called for better insurance covers, better safety measures at schools, equal rights within the education system, as well as the release of teachers and education activists who were arrested in previous protests.

According to some reports, some of these protestors have been a few days ago.

It’s no secret that Iran’s education system has been mismanaged for years now; thousands of schools are clearly deprived and in need of renovation.

Source » ncr-iran