Here’s how Sens. Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, and others reacted to the decision.

Sen. Marco Rubio:

Sen. Bill Nelson:

Gov. Rick Scott:

“Last week I called on President Trump to withdraw from the reckless deal because it is naïve to think that the same people who chant ‘death to America’ and vow to destroy the entire state of Israel will be honest and play by the rules. Israel is our friend and our ally and I am always going to stand with them – not those that wish harm against Israel. The president made the right move today by scrapping the Iran Deal and re-imposing sanctions against the Iranian regime. The deal has done very little to stop Iran from staying on the path of developing a nuclear weapon, and a nuclear Iran is a dangerous proposition to the United States, Israel, and our other allies in the region. I look forward to the Administration pursuing ways to make sure we keep these weapons out of the hands of the Iranian regime.”

Rep. Charlie Crist:

“Iran promotes violence and terrorism throughout the Middle East and around the world. Their development of ballistic missiles and human rights violations must continue to be addressed and dealt with severely.

“Tearing up the Iran deal, an international agreement to block their efforts to gain a nuclear weapon, is short-sighted and misguided. It divides the international coalition created to hold Iran accountable to a robust compliance regime and does nothing to advance U.S. interests. President Trump’s decision to withdraw from this agreement undermines America’s credibility, strengthens the hand of pro-nuclear weapon hard liners in Iran, and makes the Middle East an even less stable place.”

Rep. Vern Buchanan:

Rep. Ron DeSantis:

Rep. Carlos Curbelo:

“The Iran nuclear deal was flawed from the beginning, and the aftermath since its enactment has been a threat to not only U.S. national security, but also that of our allies. The immediate cash flow and sanctions relief on the regime allowed Iran’s mullahs to aggressively build up their ballistic missile program and increase financial and strategic support to terrorist groups, like Hezbollah, who plan and execute attacks on American armed forces in the Middle East and innocent civilians of Israel, our greatest ally in the region.

“Today’s decision to withdraw is the right call. We must return to a strategic policy that holds Iran accountable for its support for terrorists and the Assad regime, ballistic missile aggression, and systemic human rights abuses, and diminishes the regime’s influence in the region.”

Rep. Brian Mast:

“President Trump clearly understands the importance of many issues that the Obama Administration chose to ignore. The government of Iran, by their own admission, wants America and Israel destroyed. But this historically bad deal provided a clear pathway for Iran to expand its nuclear weapons program, and Iran has boldly declared that, despite the deal, they can kick-start and produce enriched uranium within two days.

“The sanctions lifted under the deal have emboldened Iran and given them access to more than $100 billion in previously frozen assets. With the help of that money, Iran is colonizing the Middle East through their terror arm Hezbollah. They have imprisoned U.S. citizens, taken our sailors hostage and fired rockets towards our Navy. And a parade of concessions by the Obama Administration empowered Iran to test-launch more than a dozen ballistic missiles and threaten to use those same missiles to strike U.S. military bases.

“President Trump’s decisive action today is a much needed first step in the long road to undoing the damage caused by President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Secretary Clinton and their foreign policy advisors. No deal with Iran is far wiser than a bad deal.”

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart:

“I strongly support the Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the reckless and dangerous Iran deal, a serious threat to our national security that finances global terrorism. I voted against the deal in 2015 because it did nothing to prevent Iran’s development of missiles, nor would it permanently end its nuclear weapons program. As I said after that vote, the Iran deal paved the way for a dangerous state sponsor of terrorism to achieve what it wanted most – nuclear weapons, and the means and funds to deliver them.

“Since then, the deal has provided legitimacy and millions in economic relief to a murderous, oppressive regime that opposes U.S. interests and threatens America’s allies. Iran continues to assist its terrorist proxies and international terrorist networks, directly endangering U.S. soldiers and America’s allies, has exacerbated violence in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, as well as instability in Lebanon. Additionally, Iran has continued developing its missile arsenal, launching over 20 ballistic missiles since the deal was signed in 2015.

“I commend the Trump Administration for taking this bold step to withdraw from this reckless deal that poses a threat to the United States, and for standing with our close ally Israel. The regime in Iran cannot be trusted, and today’s withdrawal gives the United States and our allies a chance to forge a better path toward global stability and a nuclear-free Iran.”

Rep. Dennis Ross:

“The Iran Deal, agreed to by the previous administration without the consent of Congress, empowered Iran to continue its pursuit of terror and human rights abuse throughout the region. Rife with secret side agreements that jeopardize the safety of Americans both abroad and within our homeland, I welcome President Trump’s decisive action to withdraw from this deeply flawed deal, and to reimpose sanctions on the Iranian regime.”

“Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. We must hold them accountable, both now and moving forward.”

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