Security forces of the Islamic Republic have arrested two protest singers and moved them to an undisclosed location.

The security forces in Shiraz arrested Vafa Ahmadpour (Vafadar) and Danial Moghaddam on May 9.

Their whereabouts and the reasons for their arrest remain unknown, according to HRANA human rights website.

The news of the arrest was shared on Ahmadpour’s social media channels.

Both singers are known for their protest music.

Ahmadpour recently released a song titled “Amadeh Bash” (Be Ready), and this could be linked to his arrest.

He has a history of run-ins with authorities. In February, he was detained for 15 days and sentenced to a year in prison for “spreading propaganda against the Islamic Republic.”

Moghaddam has also faced legal challenges in the past for his music.

Source » iranwire