The ruthless regime of Ali Khamenei today, Sunday, May 12, hanged four prisoners named Massoud Estaki, Jafar Hassanzadeh, Majid Rezaei, and Mostafa Aghamohammadi in Dastgerd Prison in Isfahan. On Tuesday, May 7, the prisoners in Dastgerd Prison protested against the transfer of these four individuals to solitary confinement for execution. On Saturday, May 11, Saman Jarangideh, Hamed Shahbakhsh, and another prisoner were hanged in Bam Prison by the executioners of the regime’s judiciary.

On Thursday, May 8, in addition to the four prisoners whose execution was announced in the NCRI’s May 10, the cruel regime of Khamenei hanged two other prisoners named Nourallah Banjalu and Mohammad Afgan in Gorgan Central Prison. Thus, in the past 23 days, at least 94 prisoners have been executed by the judiciary’s executioners.

The Iranian Resistance demands urgent international action to save the lives of death-row prisoners, especially political prisoners, to refer the violation of human rights by the religious fascism ruling Iran to the United Nations Security Council, and to hold its leaders accountable for justice.

Source » ncr-iran