Two editors of Iranian news outlets say Iran is claiming responsibility for the attacks on four ships anchored off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, according to MEMRI, an international media monitoring organization.

One editor noted there was also an attack at the Saudi Arabian Port of Yanbu in the Red Sea.

MEMRI reported journalist Hamed Rahim-Pour, editor of the International section of the Khorasan daily, which it said is identified with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), tweeted Sunday:

“All our options are on the table, the port #Yanbu (the Saudi port in the Red Sea) and also the port #Fujairah (the UAE port in the Bay of Oman) were attacked. (These) two ports which are meant (to supply oil) in place of the Iranian oil!”

MEMRI said the following day he also tweeted:

“The scope of the (U.S.) war against Iran should not be defined only by gigantic American aircraft carriers or the strategic bombers stationed in Qatar or the F35 fighter planes. The dimensions of the possible war against Iran and its scope may be defined by quiet infiltrations at ‘#Fujairah,’ ‘#Yanbu’ and ‘#Golan,’ and dozens of other points in the region.”

And Amin Arabshahi, director of the Tasnim news agency, which MEMRI said also affiliated with the IRGC, tweeted:

“Al-Fujairah Port, which is the sole lifeline for the export of oil from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, has been set on fire. The guys of the Islamic Resistance set fire to (this site, which is situated) just before the #Strait of Hormuz.”

The tweet was later deleted.

Source » newsmax