Another Iran Regime-Backed Terrorist Group in Iraq

Qais al-Khazali, leader of the Iraqi terrorist group Asa’ib, has explicitly said that Iranian regime-backed militias are seeking to dominate Iraq and Syria.

According to Alarabiya Farsi website, the video clip of al-Khazali’s comments has been released in Facebook as well as other social networks.

According to the video, Khazali has claimed that the militias will set up a Shia moon rather than just a Shia Crescent.

He also claims that the militia fighter groups will be completed in future.

By fighter groups, Khazali points to Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards, Houthis in Yemen, Lebanese Hezbollah, and Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi in Iraq.

Split from the Sadr Movement in 2004, the Asa’ib group has pledged allegiance to Iranian regime leader Ali Khameni.

Being involved in killing, kidnapping, and torture of hundreds of Iraqis, the group also fights by order of the Iranian regime in Syria, in support of Bashar Assad and against the Syrian people.

The group was also involved in several missile attacks on Camp Liberty, former residence of MEK members, which led to 10 MEK members being killed and hundreds more wounded.

Source» ncr-iran

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