Dangerous Interruptions, in Medical Treatment of a Female Political Prisoner

A female political prisoner in Evin prison, charged with supporting the MEK, is suffering from severe tendon rupture in her leg as she has been deliberately denied medical treatment and access to hospital by prison officials.

Fatemeh Mosanna suffered from a leg injury earlier this year and was denied access to a hospital by prison officials at the time of the incident. After months of delay and enduring pain, a clinic outside of prison has diagnosed her with chronic tendon rupture and have stated the denial of medical treatment to this political prisoner as the reason behind her worsening situation.

According to Doctors at the hospital, this situation was completely preventable but the prison clinic which was able to treat this political prisoner properly refused to do so.

Fatemeh Mosanna was first arrested by Security forces on 31 January 2014 while planning Mr. Sadeghi, a supporter of the MEK and her father in law’s memorial service, and after spending one year under interrogation and solitary confinement in Evin prison, she was released on bail. They were sentenced to 15 year imprisonment on charges of acting against national security and cooperating with the MEK.

Source» ncr-iran

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